22 websites to learn hacker to protect yourself


Today we will offer you a set of sites that help you learn hackers in order to become one of the most powerful hackers in the world.

This group of sites, which includes 22 sites, are educational sites in order to protect yourself from hacking and hacking operations that affect your devices and not for the sake of violating the electronic law

Learn hacker sites to protect your devices from hacking


The sites below are only available in English.
Box Tech is not responsible for anything you learn in order to use it for fraud.

CTF365 users install and protect their own servers while attacking other users’ servers. The CTF365 is suitable for security professionals looking to develop offensive skills, or system administrators interested in improving their defense skills. If you are new to infosek, you can sign up for a free beginner account and get familiar with it with a few vulnerable pre-configured servers.

OverTheWire is suitable for anyone who wants to study information security theory and apply it in practice, regardless of their experience. The beginners should start with the challenges at the bandit level as they are necessary for more other challenges.

Hacking-Labs offers CTF Challenges to challenge European Cybersecurity, but it also hosts regular competitions on its platform that anyone can participate in. You only need to register, set up a VPN, and choose your mission.

This site focuses on pwn-like tasks, the core of which is to find, read, and send the tag files in each job. To access file contents, you must use programming skills, reverse engineering, or exploit vulnerabilities before you can submit a solution.

The problems are divided into 4 levels of difficulty: Easy – beginner, intermediate, challenging and hard-core, as the tasks require non-standard approaches to solving them.

IO is a gameplay from the creators of netgarage.org, a community where like-minded people share knowledge about safety, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and more. 3 versions of maneuvers were created: IO, IO64 and IOarm, of all IO are the most mature ones. Connect to IO via SSH and you can get started.

SmashTheStack consists of 7 different war games: Amateria, Apfel (currently offline), Blackbox, Blowfish, CTF (currently offline), Logic and Tux. Every war game contains tons of missions, ranging from standard weaknesses to reverse engineering missions.

Microcorruption is CTF where you need to “invert” Lockitall’s phantom electronic lock devices. Lockitall hardware protects the bonds in warehouses owned by the fictional company Cy Yombinator. On the way to stealing links, you’ll learn assembly language, learn to use the debugger, skip code, set breakpoints, and check memory.

Here you can find 26 challenges to test your hacking and reverse engineering skills. The site has not been updated since late 2012, but available assignments remain valuable educational resources.

Hack This Site is a free wargame site to test and improve your hacking skills. We can find many hacking tasks in it in several categories, including basic tasks, real tasks, applications, scripting, text messaging, javascript, forensics, concealment of information, etc. The site also boasts an active community with a large directory of hacker articles and a forum for discussing security-related issues. It was announced recently that the site’s database will be fixed, so major improvements can be expected in the coming months.

W3Challs is a multi-tasking learning platform in various categories including hacking, war games, forensics, cryptography, concealment, and programming. The goal of the platform is to present realistic challenges. You get points depending on the complexity of the problem being resolved. There is also a forum where you can discuss and solve problems with other members.

Pwn0 is a VPN where almost anything happens. Fight robots or users and earn points by controlling other systems.

Exploitation exercises offer a variety of virtual machines, documents, and tasks on hand to learn to escalate learning privileges, analyze vulnerabilities, develop exploits, debug, reverse engineer, and more.

RingZer0 Team Online CTF offers over 200 challenges that will test your hacking skills in multiple areas – from encryption and malware analysis to SQL injection, shell encryption and more. After you find a solution to the problem, you can send it to the RingZer0 team. If your decision is accepted, you’ll receive RingZer0Gold, which can be exchanged for tips while solving problems.

At Hellbound Hackers, you can find traditional vulnerabilities and task formats not available in other resources. For example, application debugging and time-limited tasks. In debugging tasks, you are given a piece of vulnerable code and need to suggest a fix for this vulnerability.

Try2Hack is one of the oldest websites to improve hacking skills and it still stands. It offers many challenges to keep you entertained. The missions vary and become more difficult as you progress.

Hack.me is a large collection of vulnerable web applications to put your hacking skills into practice. All apps are provided by the community and each can be run on the go in a safe and isolated sandbox.

Hackthis !! It consists of more than 50 missions of different levels, for solving each of them you get a certain number of points depending on the level of difficulty. Similar to Hack This Site, HackThis !! There is also a lively community, many articles and news about hacking, and a forum where you can discuss tasks and issues related to security.

The Enigma Collection contains more than 300 missions focusing on the 10 best exploits of OWASP. The site has around 48,000 active members and hosts weekly CTF contests as well as weekly and monthly competitions.

Google Gruyere shows you how to exploit vulnerabilities in web applications and how to protect them. You can perform real penetration testing and penetration of a real application using attacks like XSS and XSRF.

Game of Hacks shows you a set of code snippets as a multiple-choice test, and you must determine the correct vulnerability in the code. This site does stand out a bit from this list, but nonetheless it’s a good game for finding weaknesses in your code.

Root Me offers over 200 challenges and over 50 virtual environments that allow you to practice your hacking skills in a variety of scenarios. This is definitely one of the best spots on this list.

While CTFtime is not a hacking site like the other sites on this list, it is a great resource to stay up-to-date with CTF competitions held around the world. So, if you are interested in joining the CTF team or participating in a competition, you should have a look here.

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