3 browsers let you search for dangerous things and protect your privacy

The 3 most dangerous browsers that enable you to search for dangerous things

The Internet includes a countless number of browsers that enable you to browse the Internet in all the forms you want, such as watching videos or accessing social networking sites to other well-known activities …,

And as it is known that some browsers do not protect your privacy and may put you in the place of a problem related to privacy protection, so in today’s post I wanted to share with you 3 unknown browsers that enable you to protect your privacy to the maximum and without fear of any sudden spying from any unknown party.

  • Epic Browser

It is one of the best browsers that I use now, which provides me with special protection for all passwords and also surfs the Internet when I visit a group of forums and sites, the browser automatically prevents it from tracking me and knowing the real place I am currently in by merging my IP address with another proxy address.

  • Ice Dragon

This browser belongs to a Spanish company, which is very similar to the TOR BROWSER in all the techniques and methods it uses to protect the user while using the browser.

  • Dooble

Finally, I wanted to share with you this browser, which is very similar to the Mozilla Firefox browser when using it, and is also directed to people who have weak Internet throughput, and its features related to protecting user privacy are very similar to the previously mentioned browsers.