4 mistakes you make that make the hacker love you as a victim!

The hacker always loves easy methods, especially those that come with a donation from the victim, which makes you an easy bite, and prey that can be hunted by the old and the young hackers, and there is no doubt that after reading this article you will realize that you are doing wrong things, and this is good because you will know it before it is too late, In order not to dwell in the introduction, let’s get to know the 4 mistakes that make hackers love their perpetrators the most.

Not being prepared.

Hacker always loves you to be unprepared, whether in terms of programs or in terms of informational knowledge and the basics of protection, and most of the time the problem that many people fall into is the late know-how, for example many of them will not understand the risk until after they are hacked, and be on I am certain that when your personal or business data is captured, I forget the matter of retrieving it.

Share sensitive information.

If you are someone who shares sensitive information about them, you are an easy bite for a hacker, because he loves people who provide a range of information, especially if it is very important to reach what he wants. What you need to know, dear reader, is that the first step that a hacker takes to start his journey is to collect information about the victim, and by giving you key words, you are sure that he will access your accounts easily, and that is done by guessing (social engineering).

Indifference and lack of awareness.

One of the things that the hacker loves most about the victims is the lack of awareness and vigilance, as it is the most powerful weapon for him. I believe that this applies to all areas of life. There is no life, no production, and no progress without awareness, in addition to that, “the law does not protect the fools.”

False informational beliefs.

Hacker likes stupid people with false beliefs ingrained in their brains, for example there are some people who believe that anti-virus programs protect them from the hacker no matter how the matter develops, and this is 100 percent wrong, and there is the other type, unlike the first type, which is believed to be Protection programs are not suitable for anything, so they get rid of them, while some believe that hackers only penetrate large companies.
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