4Anime, a site for anime series and movies, is shutting down suddenly

4Anime, one of the largest anime series and movie sites, suddenly shuts down after a US court notification

4Anime has always been one of the largest streaming sites for series and movies among those that operate out of content rights holders. And they were able to do this despite their objective limitations: they only aired recordings of the anime genre, the Japanese-style animation that has become a worldwide phenomenon over the years.

Or, at least, they posted it (they were over 25,000 at the beginning of June) …until yesterday, when the site suddenly announced its closure and its sister website, simply. Moe.
Four months ago, the site already suffered a setback when pressure from the film industry led to its inclusion in a court order to block websites in Australia. However, this made it difficult to access from the state, without affecting the operation of the site.

Now, instead, the decision to shut down comes after the site was denounced in a federal court in Michigan (USA) by the ‘Legacy Rights Group’, which asked Cloudflare, the CDN service provider for 4Anime, to provide names, email addresses and IPs and billing records for employees who operate the site.

It is not known if Cloudflare actually complied with the request (it had until the end of this month to respond) but since it could not refuse it, everything indicates that the above data would have already reached the hands of the Legacy Rights Group, and this would Be behind the decision to terminate 4Anime, and suspend the site’s activity.