6 mistakes you make with your smartphone that are shortening his life

Some mistakes you make with your smartphone shorten his life

Using a smartphone is something nearly everyone knows how to do to a greater or lesser extent. These devices contain hundreds of functions that you don’t know or don’t use, and others that you use incorrectly.

Today we are going to tell you 6 mistakes you still make when using your smartphone day in and day out. Some of you may already know them and others may surprise you. If you do too many of them, you may shorten the life of your smartphone without even knowing it. Some are related to hardware and some are related to the telephone system.

1. Do not update it for months

Thinking that your smartphone is working fine and that updating it will make it perform worse is wrong. Updates in 90% of cases solve specific problems, update security patches and improve user experience. If you have updates pending, you should download and install them as soon as possible.

2. Battery drain below 15%

Do you think it is better to drain the entire battery until charging the smartphone? This is one of the most common and most harmful errors for your smartphone. Below 15%, batteries have a higher pressure, which could shorten their life if repeated frequently. It is better to charge your smartphone when the percentage is about 15-20%.

3. Connect to public Wi-Fi networks without password

Do you usually connect to Wi-Fi networks without a password? It is a fatal error that can threaten your privacy. These types of networks can be created from computers or devices designed to attack your privacy. They’ll give you a free connection, but they’ll likely also access your data. If you see a public and open Wi-Fi network that you don’t know about, it’s best not to connect to it.

4. Use default apps

The most natural thing when buying a new mobile phone is to start using the default apps that come with the phone. Many of them are Google Browser, Google Calendar, Gmail, or Google Maps GPS. You should know that there are dozens of alternatives on Google Play and that in some cases you will find better apps from third party developers. Try new browsers, GPS or email managers.

5. Not cleaning charging ports and connections

One of the most common causes of mobile breaks are ports. These connections are external, unprotected, and exposed. A quick glance at the headset or charging port will be enough to tell you how dirty it is. Cleaning these connections from time to time will prevent possible shorting or loosening when connecting the charger.
You can also clean it with apps, refer to this article: Use one of these apps and see how much dirt and water come out of your phone’s speaker

6. Do not turn off the mobile phone or turn it back on from time to time

Never turn off your smartphone? Have you never factory reset it? Turning off your smartphone for 30 minutes each week allows you to enjoy a better experience. All components operate 24 hours a day, and giving them a break is vital to keeping them fully functional for many years to come.

In the same way, a factory reset every 6 months won’t hurt either. This will allow you to get rid of the files that do not interest you and leave the phone as new. It might be a little daunting, but it will give your smartphone new life.