7 Mistakes You Should Avoid With Your Logo Design

You must ensure that the essence of your logo is for advertising purposes and that is why it is recommended that it always be memorable. If a customer’s attention is captured by your logo, your business is in a better position to win that customer’s trust. The way you design your logo colors can define the fine line between your success and failure. However, mistakes happen to both new business and startups. Here are 7 mistakes you should avoid in your logo design.

1- You make your logo really complicated.

This will destroy your efforts regardless of how much you invested in your project. The result of a complex logo will be frustrating because a complex logo has a lot of confusing things that are difficult to analyze and in the customer’s view it usually has conflicting colors and images. You can easily lose your brand recognition and clarity by adding Lots of extra doodles and graphics in your logo so always make sure your design is simple, memorable, and clean in appearance.

2- Copy the successful design.

This will certainly spoil your company’s image and reputation. Usually some companies copy designs from successful competitors in order to confuse customers. Well, some companies have been successful at that for a while but when the copying scandal broke out, they couldn’t survive for long in the market and copy and paste another illegal business logo. It is recommended to check the logos of your competitors who are in the same market. Strive to make your logo unique and not copied. For example, why would you copy the Coca-Cola logo while your brand is promoting modern soft drinks that are not in the value and fame of Coca-Cola, this is a fatal mistake.

3- You are using bad fonts for your brand.

Always know that the font of texts in your logo conveys a tone and sometimes the personality of your brand. A bad decision can be made in choosing your font or completely smashing your business. Look for fonts that fit your business style, for example why will you use the Persian font in your logo and your brand promoting Arabic services or products Arabic!

4- Clash of colors.

Just as people collide with colors in their clothes even in designing logos, there is a color mismatch that will destroy your company or brand. It is always advisable to start designing a logo using black and white before incorporating other colors.

5- Your slogan does not keep pace with modernity and the future.

This is one of the practices that will make your business, company, or brand bankrupt. Your logo should be good and this means that it must be relevant to the future even in the next 50 years. Never use past trends and expressions in designing your logo, just represent your brand the way. Mini.

6- Severing the relationship between the logo and the brand.

Each logo should have a relationship to the purpose of the company or the industry in which the company operates. A good logo has a visual identity that it gives to its customers according to the industry in which they work, for example your company promotes children’s biscuits, so you design a logo for a biscuit-eating monster, this will strike the credibility of your business, company or brand.

7- You are using the wrong design tools.

You need to create a very clear logo to avoid blurry logos when resizing Under normal circumstances, a good logo should be versatile as it stays clear whether scaled or enlarged.

Finally, if you can only make your company logo memorable and unique, you can be sure to beat your competitors in the market. A great logo will always take the personality and tone of the company’s brand to another level. Logo design was not easy at all although a beginner might see a company logo and think that it is simple, but it took years for the designer to design the logo with its splendor, simplicity and uniqueness. Always take your time in designing and your customers will be delighted with the results.