Learn 8 interesting uses for Airplane Mode

Airplane mode is one of the useful alternatives to the phone, as you can deactivate the data connection and, in this process, you will avoid the smartphone from turning off even though it has two alternate uses. In this article, I’ll show you 8 interesting uses of Airplane Mode.

  • 1- Is Airplane Mode likely causing your phone to charge faster?

If you activate the flight mode on your smartphone, you will get your phone charged faster after plugging it into the power socket and thus it is also suggested to activate the flight mode while charging your phone. You will achieve two main points by activating the flight mode on your smartphone, namely: – Avoid using the phone while charging and prevent Data from Energy Drain – It will stop using it for at least a few hours to give you time to try to do different kinds of things.

  • 2- Does Airplane Mode save battery?

On the other hand, if you activate airplane mode on your smartphone you will get two very impressive battery-related things. On the one hand, you can save the battery, for example if you don’t need to turn off the phone at night and only leave it in airplane mode. By this you will make your phone deactivate all mobile phone connections and thus it will pay less for data connection, Wi-Fi consumption, etc. Flight mode is also perfect once the battery is at a minimum and you don’t have the charger soon and you are away from home; Activate airplane mode and the battery will stop draining the charge as quickly as possible with the data connection activated.

3- Does the alarm (alarm) work in airplane mode?

Yes, the Airplane Mode only affects the data connection to your Android phone, but it will not have an effect on the alarm settings so you cannot receive or send a message or call and use the Internet via a mobile phone.

4- Will Airplane Mode prevent me from using the Internet?
You can use the Internet while Airplane Mode is activated, but not via mobile data. Pal. Using a Wi-Fi network only, you will be able to activate Wi-Fi to browse the Internet on your smartphone. And you cannot use the mobile data connection like I already said because it affects mobile networks

5- Can you surf the internet while calls are barred?

Have you ever wanted to browse the internet but don’t want to receive any call or SMS? Well if you activate the Airplane mode, you will be able to do Internet browsing on your phone without the need to receive any call or SMS completely because this mode disrupts the mobile connection but you will be able to activate Wi-Fi later, which gives you the choice, for example, between receiving a call or browsing the Internet. It means if you set the flight mode and activate the Wi-Fi calling and if someone calls your phone, it will look as if it is off and it can skip your voicemail if you activate it and this way you save people from being disturbed by you as soon as you no longer need to receive the calls.

6- What happens when someone calls you in flight mode?

While airplane mode is activated, the mobile network connection will be turned off. Sometimes, when the user leaves the mobile network and a contact calls him at that moment, this user can discover that you are “outside the network and may not be reached at this moment” only in the case of the flight mode, the event is similar and the response will be identical.

  • 7- To protect your children, flight mode will be your good ally

If you have children and prefer to use your phone all the time, activating the flight mode can prevent problems and avoid accidents that may happen to your children, such as calling people, surfing the Internet, shopping for apps in the store, and other things.

8- Does Airplane Mode help block ads in offline games?

Some games allow you to play offline and contain basically all ads, but there are only very few of them overall. It would be annoying and this happens when the Airplane Mode starts to work, thus you will still be able to play without problems and block ads as you will not be connected to the Internet, Wi-Fi or data connection.