8b service to create your own professional website in just minutes

According to DataReportal, about 4.72 billion users are active on the Internet, according to the latest update on April of this year, which represents more than 60 percent of the world’s total population, and the data indicated that the number is constantly increasing, with nearly 332 million new users. Connect to the Internet in only a year, and creating a website in this case is an appropriate plan for marketing and promoting your product or service or an event because it allows users to easily access it.

Everyone now has websites that represent their business, and that allow those interested in your activity to learn about what you offer and request service from your site, and to create a professional website that helps attract new customers, it is necessary to book and buy a powerful hosting that hosts your system files such as images and The contents of the website, then a paid domain is a link where visitors can enter your site, and you might think that building websites is a difficult thing that requires professional expertise and specialized developers, but with 8B service you can reduce the effort required to create your website in simple steps. Through the 8B service, you can withdraw the elements available to design your site from scratch without the need for previous design experience, and it is worth noting that 8B does not cost any additional costs and the whole process is free.

To start creating your website, you enter the 8B service link, and then you register your account with the service, whether through your Google or Facebook account or through your email

In this step, you download the template that you want to adopt on the interface of your site, and for reference, the service provides professionally designed templates according to each field such as games, travel, etc., and then you specify a name for your site.

Once the template is downloaded, you will have the ability to edit all the sections and even add additional sections as per your convenience, and after completion you can save the changes and press the Publish option to publish your site

You can now share the link that you will find at the top so that people can access your site page, and by clicking on the Connect Domain option, you can link your site with a paid external domain that fits your site’s domain