A Look At The New PS5 CFI-1100 Model And New Cooling Helicopter

Does a cheaper cooling unit make any difference to the PS5

Recent reports have indicated that the new PS5 model is hotter than the original version, but it is 300g lighter than the base model launched in November 2020. It also comes with a base modification that includes a new screw that can be installed manually that does not require a screwdriver, making it easier to install the PlayStation 5 base.

We recently got more details about the CFI-1100 PS5 model, thanks to Digital Foundry’s Tech Analysis of its most notable pros and cons which are explained in full below:

  • The main change in the device is aimed at reducing production costs as Sony prepares to provide a huge number of units in the upcoming holiday season.
  • The heat sink has been replaced from the original model, which weighs 1,639 grams, with a different version, which measures 1,368 grams, which means that the difference between the two devices is 277 grams.
  • The heat sink has fewer heatpipes (four versus six) and is designed with less use of copper, while the aluminum used has only 60 percent of the heat dissipating capacity of copper.
  • The fan has been replaced with one that has a larger number of blades, and is likely to be able to push more air out at the same speed.
  • Digital Foundry’s analysis indicates that YouTuber Evans’ previous video was not entirely accurate, especially as it indicated that the device was overheating, although it was quieter than the original device which does not make sense, and the reason may be that the smaller heatsink has been redesigned in a way that makes it more efficiency.
  • After playing Control for several hours on the new model, the temperatures on the main processor seemed fine, and if the CPU was exposed to higher temperatures, the cooling fan should run faster, which it didn’t.
    With the use of ray tracing technology in the Game Control, the new model operates at 170 watts, and the power usage increases to 200 watts in the Corridor of Doom area that experienced technical performance issues at the time of the game launch, with entry into shooting mode and the elimination of the frame rate limit at 30 frames Maximum power usage is 241 watts.
  • The amount of power consumption shown in the previous point is almost the same as in the original model, which means that the CPU has not undergone any significant changes.
  • The Digital Foundry channel wonders why the PS5 was not launched with the new smaller and less expensive cooler in the first place, and it seems to be related to the production process that preceded the launch of the platform, as Sony did not want to risk and face uncalculated problems as happened with other platforms, specifically the red ring problem years ago..
  • Sony is now confident enough in the device’s performance to reduce the size of the heat sink and lower production costs.
  • The new device looks very similar to the one released at the end of last year in terms of its actual use experience, and Sony certainly has the confidence to support the new design and roll it out in the next few months.