A no-install tool to manage and customize your WiFi network

In the latest version of its Windows operating system, Microsoft has changed the way you manage wireless networks that you connect to, so now all network and Internet settings can be found within the Network and Internet configuration panel.

With this setting users can view multiple saved WIFI networks and customize them according to each WIFI point, in addition you can reconfigure or delete the profile of the wireless networks you have connected before or those you no longer use.

And through the Wireless Networks Manager window, you can display a list of the wireless networks that you have accessed in the past, and Windows will identify these networks and connect to them immediately when they are within the available range for the connection, and if you are having a problem connecting to one of the networks, in this case you can enter new password if the old password is rejected.

Apparently, this is the only permission allowed to customize wireless networks on your device. It is precisely for this reason that many tools have been developed specifically for managing wireless networks, and in this tutorial, we are going to share with you a great ManageWirelessNetworks tool where you can check the status of your wireless network and analyze its signal strength and speed. The tool is completely free and developed by Nirsoft and is a great alternative to the default Windows Wireless Network Manager in Windows. It can run on any system without installation and is compatible with computers running Windows Vista or later. The program gives you access to All information about your wireless networks and their customization in simple steps.

With ManageWirelessNetworks you can get to know all the details about your wireless networks. Once you open the tool you will find a list that displays all the WIFI networks you have connected to as well as all the information related to them. This information includes the connection protocol, the means used to connect to the network, the security type, and the date the wireless network was added. Using ManageWirelessNetworks you will also be able to make changes to the wireless network information of your choice..

By clicking on a profile that appears in your network list, you’ll be able to change its name or SSID, and ManageWirelessNetworks also lets you change the connection mode to automatic or manual and select the encryption type for authentication.

On the other hand, you can save the list of profiles that you have customized for export or reuse in another computer, and remove old networks from your list, the tool is very useful if you have many wireless networks to manage in your computer.