Actor Dave Jackson confirms his participation in GTA 6

Dave Jackson asks players to wait for more details about gta 6

Recent reports have indicated that GTA 6 will not be released before 2024, according to a famous journalist, and as usual, rumors and leaks related to the game continue to spread day after day, and it is expected that the matter will continue in the future until the project is officially revealed, and today we have new details about the title unveils the first characters of the highly anticipated open-world game.

The new news can be considered highly confirmed and true, which makes it the first of its kind in light of the reliance on leaks and rumors over the past period, as actor and musician Dave Jackson announced through his personal account on the social networking site Facebook that he was chosen to participate in the new Grand Theft Auto game to play the role of Police Chief Captain McClane.

The actor asked his followers to watch out for more details in the coming period, while he did not clarify any other details about the project, and whether his statements meant the undeclared GTA 6 game, which is the closest to the truth, or whether the role he will play is specific to the game GTA Online, which is unlikely. Somewhat.

It is noteworthy that previous leaks made it clear that there is no intention to reveal the game any time soon, as Rockstar targets a release date at the end of 2025 for various reasons, most notably the continued success of GTAs Online, and to avoid problems related to overtime hours that resulted in various criticisms of the company with the Red Dead Redemption project. 2, Add to that the title’s targeting of PS5 and Xbox Series consoles, so more time means more units sold before the game launches.