Add WhatsApp 3 new and important features to the application

The recent large-scale collapse of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram affected millions of users around the world for hours and dealt a severe blow to the app’s popularity. However, it continues to work on adding new functionality to improve its service and avoid user migration to other platforms.

WhatsApp has added new updates so far this year. 2021 was a year full of changes for the instant messaging platform; Introduced multi-device functionality and speed control of voice messages.

The platform published via Twitter integrating 3 new functions into the application to improve the user experience. Discover with me below the three new functions that the application has included in WhatsApp.

– Full preview of WhatsApp links

Link preview has been improved; Now you can have a complete visualization of the information being shared.

This way, preview links will take up more space on your screen, so you can have a quick and easy look at the content in the links before entering them. This new feature was already expected in the August beta.

– File editor in desktop version

With it, users can use their desktop to add “stickers” and text to images, as well as rotate or crop them. Previously, you could only do this with mobile devices.

3- Suggest stickers

With sticker suggestions coming to WhatsApp, the tabs you have to go through to find stickers you like will be reduced. Thus, we will save a few clicks to add it to our chat.

Simply put, you will find the perfect sticker as you type, it’s like emoji suggestions but better.

All you have to do is type an expression and the app will instantly suggest stickers related to that word you typed. For example, you write HAHA as a sign of laughter and an emoji sticker appears.

Now you know; If you are interested in getting any of these updates, just update the app from Google Play and enjoy it.