All the features of Windows 11 to increase your productivity

There is no doubt that the technological tools used while doing business make our work easier. In order to get maximum efficiency from the device used in terms of productivity, it is useful to know its general features.

Fortunately, Windows 11 comes with a set of built-in productivity tools to make things easier on your PC. In my article entitled Features of Windows 11 that will increase your productivity, I will talk about the features that you need to know in order to get more use of Windows 11, which we can say have just been introduced.

Let’s continue our article by giving examples of features that will increase our productivity in Windows 11.

Screen capture assistant

In Windows 11, screen pinning instructions are used to combine multiple windows on the home screen or snap them to the left or right side of the screen. While in Windows 10, you can sort the open windows on the screen by pressing the Windows logo key + Right / left / down / up keys at the same time from the keyboard, in addition, in Windows 11, you can organize and multitask quickly on the screen, or easily switch between different applications. You can make transitions.

In Windows 11, you need to follow the “Settings > System > Multitasking” path for the screen capture app settings. When using Windows 11, pressing the Windows logo + Z keys on your keyboard brings up screen panels that show how to use the desktop. By distributing the applications that are open on the computer on any of these bases you choose, you have a chance to see your applications at the same time.

You can save all window layouts you created with Snap Layouts and access them later using Snap Groups from the taskbar.

Integrate Microsoft Teams into the taskbar

If you use Microsoft Teams to stay in touch with your colleagues, employees, or customers, with the new integration made in Windows 11, you can start your processes right from the taskbar; You can start sending and receiving messages and making video calls. Windows 11 features to increase your productivity

To chat or start a video call in Windows 11, you can easily access Teams from the taskbar or by pressing Win + C.

Focus session on Windows 11

Windows 11 focus session; It aims to enable users to manage working time more effectively and increase their productivity. Windows 11 focus session; It helps you to focus on a particular job, to keep track of the time you spend on the job, to take a break after a predetermined time while working.

When you open the Alarm & Clock app in Windows 11; When you select the Focus Sessions tab and press the start button from the incoming window, a screen appears that requires you to open your Microsoft account. After logging in to the system, the process is completed by setting a time for a task in the Tasks section and choosing to start a focus session.

touch screen

If you’re using Windows 11 on a touch screen PC like Microsoft Surface, you can take advantage of the new touch screen gestures. These gestures allow you to use certain finger gestures to perform tasks faster.

What can be done with finger gestures in Windows 11?

  1. Right-click in a menu: press and hold the item
  2. See all open windows: swipe up with three fingers
  3. Show desktop: swipe down with three fingers
  4. Switch to the last open app: swipe left or right with three fingers.
  5. Open Notification Center: Swipe in from the right edge of the screen with one finger.
  6. Widget’s view: Swipe in from the left edge of the screen with one finger.
  7. Switch between desktops: swipe left or right with four fingers.

Android Apps Integration

In Windows 11, you can download Android apps directly from the Microsoft Store via the Amazon Appstore. After downloading, you can run Android apps like any other app. If your workflows depend on Android apps, you can increase your productivity by avoiding waiting on bulky phones. We also have to say that Amazon’s limited Android app market does not support all Android apps.