Find out which Samsung phones will get Android 12 beta next month

Good news for Samsung phone holders, as some devices can try the beta version of Android 12, Samsung will launch the first beta version of Android 12 in addition to the One UI 4.0 interface, the expected time after the official Google announcement next August.

Of course, the version is unstable like any version in beta mode, but the first version of this update, so you can try it for some time, you may get daily stability during use or go back to the stable version again, where you are completely free to continue using the beta version or downgrade.

It is expected that Google will officially announce the final stable version of Android 12 next August, and then immediately after the announcement, Samsung will provide the first beta version for some devices.

Unfortunately, not all devices will be able to get the beta version, as Samsung has stated that only the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra category get the update.

But in general, the mere arrival of the Android 12 update, even if it is in trial mode, is evidence of Samsung’s work on the stable version, so the update will officially arrive for many approved devices not long after.

It is worth mentioning here that the Korean company has always suffered in sending updates to devices over the past years. As for the Android update to arrive in the latest version after the update to Google Pixel phones, this is an unprecedented improvement