Android 12 Snow Cone: The name of the new version of Android 12

Dave Burke, Google’s Vice President of Engineering, announced the new name for the operating system through his official Twitter account.

The new name for Android 12 is official. Historically, each version of Android received a different name related to the candy, at least until Android 10, which used the version number only as an identification method.

Now, what appears to be the new name for Android 12 has been announced, in this case it’s Sweet, it’s called Android 12 Snow Cone, and it’s once again based in a very analog tradition of the operating system.

The latest version of Android 12 is getting closer and closer, and while some of its beta versions are already available, many aspects of it remain a mystery, as its name has been until now.

Dave Burke, Google’s chief engineering officer, announced the new name for Android 12, which will be Android 12 Snow Cone, through a post on his Twitter account.

The CEO attached this post to an even more curious background, where the ice cream cones are literally a ball in the shape of the head of the Android operating system.


Every time there are more details to know about Android 12 Snow Cone and soon we will be able to test the new version of the operating system in all its splendor, which is something everyone is looking forward to given the large number of changes it will bring compared to the previous version.