Android 12 will let you play games before they finish downloading

During the Google Game Developer Summit that began on Monday, July 12, the company left us with several important announcements targeting video game developers for different Google platforms, including, of course, Android.

Play games before they finish downloading

One of the most important and most noticeable is Play as You Download, a new functionality that Google Play will provide to developers, through which users with phones that have been updated to Android 12 will be allowed to start playing seconds after the games are downloaded and before the download is complete.

The concept devised by Google is not new: some major gaming platforms, such as PlayStation or Xbox, actually allow you to start playing games before downloads are complete.

However, this procedure can be of great importance in the Google mobile platform, since waiting times from the moment you start downloading the game and the point at which you can start playing can be one of the reasons why some users decide not to use their mobile as their main gaming platform. Especially those who have devices with limited resources, or who do not have a high-speed internet connection.

Google specifies that this feature will be available to all developers who publish apps and games on the Google Play App Store. They encourage developers to adopt this measure, claiming that loading a 400MB game can take just 10 seconds, instead of the usual several minutes.

Play As You Download will only be available on phones that have been updated to Android 12, as necessary file system developments have been incorporated into the latest version of the system, and the company has no intention of porting it to previous versions of Android.