Android system works on this number of devices?

Google held its developer event, known as “Google I / O“, which was suitable for it to reveal many developments regarding its Android operating system, as it revealed more about the new version of this system, Android 12, in addition to revealing the huge number of devices that You use this system.

Google indicated that the number of devices running the Android system has now reached three billion devices, and Google said on its account on the social networking site Twitter: “We introduced the Android operating system for the first time in 2008 and there are now 3 billion active Android devices in the world.”

This is a huge number. It clearly reveals why Google has undisputedly dominated the global smartphone operating system market for all this period, and how this has caused so many competitors to vanish.

According to Google, the number of 3 billion devices relates only to devices that are currently operating, and the conversation here does not depend on the Pixel smartphones or those of the rest of the manufacturers, but also on all smart devices operating with Android, such as touch panels and smart TVs, in addition to smart watches.

Google alone has a monopoly of 85 percent of smart devices, followed by Apple, with its popular operating system, iOS, with 13 percent.

It seems that the Android system 12, which Google officially presented yesterday evening, will strengthen Google’s control over the operating systems of smart devices in the coming period.