App Hider to hide and run applications and files that no one sees

The best app to get a second phone in your phone

Everyone needs to hide files, photos, even videos, as well as their documents. Therefore, we need programs that help us hide our files. There are many applications on the Google Play Store that help you with this. Of course, each application differs from the other in the way of hiding and the power of invisibility. his own.

Today, we present to you the App Hider application, where this application hides applications, photos, and videos on Android devices in a wonderful way, as the application has powerful capabilities in protecting your privacy and files.
The application is a mini-operating system on your phone where the copied applications can be run independently, which provides you with an unprecedented advantage in protecting the privacy of your device. This application is also free.

After you install App Hider and App Hider 64 and then continue

Hide applications where you open the application and click on add where you choose the application that you want to hide and after you add an application, the application will install and clone it within a system and then you can delete the application from your system or you can keep it where you can enjoy the dual-use feature in applications.

You can also hide photos, videos and documents by going to the gallery and choosing the image to be kept Copy and Retrieve. In this case, the photos and videos are also copied to the application with the ability to delete them from the gallery.

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