Apple CEO Tim Cook is concerned about using too much technology in life

In a recent interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook expressed concern about the type of use and the time users spend on the technology. The CEO of Apple believes that Apple devices should be used for creative purposes and not excessively browsing various social networks.

The interview by Bustle discussed Apple’s support for Shine, which focuses on combating negativity surrounding mental health issues.

Tim Cook himself admits that he faces the stress associated with being the CEO of Apple and the multiple responsibilities that come with this position with thought.

Cook claims that by doing so, he is connected to nature and feels unimportant in the world, which we assume will carry him a great deal.

In the interview, Cook stated that technology should exist to serve humanity, not the other way around, while expressing concern that people are using technology too often.

As such, Apple’s CEO claims that the company is working hard to help these tech-savvy people, who we believe number in the millions.

The use of social media caught the attention of Tim Cook. The Apple CEO says he wants to use the company’s hardware creatively, like taking amazing photos or whatever.