Apple faces lawsuit in China for not including chargers in iPhone

With the launch of the iPhone 12, Apple decided to stop including chargers and headphones in the product box. As a result, users began to show their discontent on social networks.

According to the company, the goal of this strategy is not to get users to spend more to include these extensions, they advertise that what you are looking for is to reduce the impact on the environment.

Indeed, this explanation did not leave users completely convinced, they believe that the company is trying to save money and sell more accessories. No doubt, the idea of purchasing these accessories separately has unleashed a wave of legal struggles and confrontations in many countries.

At the end of March, Apple faced a fine in Brazil for selling iPhones without a charger. The fine imposed by the Brazilian authorities amounted to 10.5 million reais (about $2 million).
While in France, Apple must comply with state laws that require the company to include EarPods in an iPhone box.

Now, China is suing Apple over the same practice. The lawsuit is filed by a “public interest” state, which may speed up the process.

The Chinese students, who filed the lawsuit, demanded that Apple provide a charger, pay $16 for breach of contract and cover the cost of legal fees.

In the same way, students contradict Apple’s argument about promoting MagSafe chargers for environmental reasons and argue that wireless chargers waste more energy than wired chargers. According to the report, the students are currently working to provide the court with additional evidence.

Faced with this conflict, the European Union has proposed that there be a common USB-C charging port for all smartphones to reduce pollutants and protect consumers’ interests.

Although the issue will remain up for debate and it appears that Apple must comply with the rules in the countries in which it operates. What could happen is that Apple would pass on costs to consumers if it had to provide free chargers.