Apple is preparing to add HD streaming to Apple Music

Close Apple Music HD Streaming. In the coming week, there are new plans for Apple, and it is possible that Apple will make a surprise announcement in the form of high-definition broadcasts of Apple Music.

And what was mentioned 9to5Google in its report, a trial version of the Apple Music app for Android has been released that supports the new service with high-resolution audio that was not previously present in the app.

As a result, the Apple Music app only provided two quality control options: the service to get high quality and the second service to reduce the use of the Internet
Which is an indication that these options were added as a simple alternative for the application to allow you to use less internet when you are not connected to the internet.

These options are provided as a simple alternative, generally allowing you to use less data when broadcasting while not connected to a wireless network.

With Apple Music 3.0 for Android Beta, Apple Music for Android has proven ability to download and stream high-quality audio. Apple will warn about the amount of data and storage used. High quality.

The caveat is: the non-lost audio files will keep all the detail information of the original files, and the playback will consume a lot of data.

He added: Without unnecessary sounds, the audio files will take up more space on the device, and 10 GB can store approximately 3000 high-quality songs, 1000 songs without loss or 200 high-quality songs without loss.

Apple continues to warn that streaming media is using a lot of data without causing much loss, and a 3-minute song requires around 1.5MB of high efficiency, or 6MB of 256Kbps HD, or 36MB of 24bit / 48kHz. Without loss.

O 145Mbps 24-bit / 192kHz, HD lossless, support depends on song availability, network condition, capacity of connected speakers or headphones.

The fact that Apple added this data to the Android app indicates that it may happen sooner or later, given that the Apple One bundle was released on Apple Music for Android a few days ago.

The Android app code states that Apple Music provides two lossless playback options, the first is lossless ALAC up to 24-bit / 48kHz, and the second is lossless HD. ALAC up to 24 bit / 192kHz.