Apple is working to launch an Android app for AirTag

Last April, Apple launched AirTags devices, which are small accessories that are presented as Bluetooth and GPS tracking devices and are installed on devices to track and locate them and work in compatibility with the iPhone smartphone device, but despite this, sharp criticism related to privacy was directed at these accessories, so Apple has fixed this issue.

Apple announced that it is currently working on developing an application for AirTags accessories, but it is directed to Android phones, but despite that, Apple did not announce a specific date for the launch of this application, but it promised that it would be before the end of this year, and this decision comes within the framework of the company’s response to criticism Some experts have indicated that AirTags may be used as a spying tool, especially for Android users, as the new application will allow them to monitor the presence of these accessories.

Although many admired the great potential of AirTag accessories in identifying lost devices and things, there are real concerns for AirTags that they can be used as tools for espionage and electronic extortion, which was confirmed by an article by the writer in the Washington Post, “Jeffrey Fowler“, who He pointed out that he and one of his colleagues experimented with this accessory, where his colleague attached the AirTag to his iPhone, then attached it to his bag for the purpose of tracking it for a week, and Jeffrey Fowler’s iPhone warned him that an unknown AirTag was moving with him, which is expected and it was Apple revealed it as evidence of attaching importance to protecting users, but what is interesting is that this type of warning is exclusively for iPhone users and not Android, which poses a real danger to those.

But Apple had announced standards to protect users, including those for non-users of its iPhone in order to know that someone is spying on them via AirTag, where the accessory sends audio rings that allow the user to know that there is an AirTag installed on their things, but Jeffrey Fowler indicated that The warning sound emitted by the AirTag was not enough for this, as the sound is weak accordingly.

Apple offers AirTags as small Bluetooth and GPS tracking devices that are installed on devices to track and locate them and work in compatibility with the iPhone smartphone device. They are circular in shape with a diameter of 31.9 mm and a thickness of 8 mm and will come with a weight of 11 grams, and they will also come with the IP67 standard, which means It will be water resistant, and will be very effective in case you lose a device or something.