Apple pays Google a huge amount for storing data in the Google Cloud

This year, Apple will surpass a whopping 8 exabytes of data stored in Google’s cloud. That’s about 8,589,934,592 GB, which is a significant amount of space that will make Google earn about $300 million from Apple.

Apple will pay Google more than $300 million for the massive amount of data it stores in its cloud

As they explain in The Information, Apple has increased its commitment to Google’s cloud services over the past few months, with Google Cloud usage by Apple growing 50% compared to last year.
According to the source, today Apple is the most important company for the Google Cloud division in terms of revenue and use of its services. In fact, the fact that the amount of data stored in the Google cloud exceeds 8 exabytes makes Apple’s use of Google Cloud sixteen times higher than the volume used by TikTok, with about 500 petabytes used.

Nor is it surprising to see how Apple and Google contribute a good portion of each company’s income. You just have to see how, every year, Google pays Apple billions just to make its search engine default on iPhones and iPads.