Apple will launch a cheap iPhone compatible with 5G networks

Surely Apple is saying goodbye to 4G and hello to the fifth generation of mobile network. All iPhones launched next year in the market will be 5G compatible, including a new version of its budget phone SE, according to a report by Nikkei.

Apple is also saying goodbye to the iPhone Mini, “after a premium smartphone with a smaller screen failed to capture consumers’ attention,” the post notes. To replace it, Apple is working on a new iPhone Pro Max.
It indicates that the iPhone SE 5G will arrive during the first half of 2022 and that “it will be powered by Apple’s A15 processor, the same chip that will be used in this year’s premium iPhone, and its 5G connectivity will be enabled by the Qualcomm X60 chip.”

Nikkei also expects this smartphone to be similar to the iPhone 8 and will feature a 4.7-inch Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).

The report also ensures that the company will start production of a new version of its wireless AirPods next month, and that it is also working on the new MacBook Pro. If Nikkei is correct in his predictions, these products may be launched by the company in September.