Battlefield Mobile officially announced – beta launches this fall

Battlefield Mobile is officially announced - Beta version will be released this fall on Android

Battlefield Mobile was spotted on the Google Play Store a few hours ago, a leak that was followed by an official announcement revealing the shooter game for smartphones, with the beta set to launch on Android phones in the coming period.

Last April, EA announced its work on a sub-version of the Battlefield shooting game series for smartphones, and since then there has been no news of the game until it was officially revealed hours ago, titled Battlefield Mobile, with confirmation of the availability of a beta version for Android phones in the fall of this year.

The beta version will be launched in a limited way initially with a series of mini-game tests in Indonesia and the Philippines on Android phones, and the scope of gameplay sessions will be expanded and more players will be able to join over time, as more regions will be added.

The first beta contains a single map called Grand Bazaar and the popular Conquest game mode, while EA has promised to share more details about other maps and game modes closer to the Battlefield Mobile release date set in 2022.

Battlefield Mobile will not support cross-platform or PC play as it has been specifically designed for smartphones, while the game is available for free with cosmetic items available for purchase.

Pre-registration for players is currently open on the Google Play Store, but as mentioned, you must be a resident of Indonesia or the Philippines to try out the beta.