Be careful ! PayPal is now removing funds from accounts

Be careful ! PayPal now removes funds from accounts that violate our usage policies

Are you one of those people who don’t pay attention to the usage policies of the services and apps you use every day? If your answer is “yes”, we recommend that you start to pay attention to those long texts that make you accept most of the terms of services found on the Internet.

Thanks to the posts posted by thousands of users on social networks and forums, it is known that PayPal gets money from those users who did not respect the usage policies. In short, if you commit any violation, PayPal will take the money from your account in exchange for damages to the payment platform.

It is not difficult to prevent PayPal from taking money from your account without your consent, since it is a payment gateway, it is important to know what not to do.

From here we recommend that you use WhatsApp on its terms, since trying to “cheat” on PayPal will cost you money. In short, you should avoid taking the following actions so that PayPal does not credit your account and withdraw the funds in it:

  1. – Do not use PayPal to exchange the balance.
  2. – Avoid asking for refunds.
  3. Do not buy cryptocurrency from sites outside PayPal.
  4. Avoid creating multiple accounts.
  5. – Do not log into other accounts using the same mobile phone or PC.
  6. – If you sell products through PayPal, save the shipment tracking codes.

If you avoid any of the actions we explain to you above, PayPal will never debit your account for violating our usage policies.

On the other hand, if your account balance has been deducted and you have not committed any wrongdoing, you should contact PayPal so that you can find a solution.