Biden administration reverses Trump’s decision to ban TikTok

In news reported recently by the international news agency Reuters, the White House announced on Wednesday that President Joe Biden is withdrawing a series of executive orders that sought to block new downloads of WeChat and TikTok and requesting a new Commerce Department review of the security concerns posed by those applications.

According to Reuters, Biden’s new executive order cancels orders banning WeChat and TikTok, along with another order last January that targeted eight other communications and financial technology software applications. A White House official told the agency that a separate US national security review of TikTok was still underway.

Reuters noted that the administration of former President Donald Trump had tried to prevent new users from downloading the apps and block other tech transactions that China-owned TikTok and WeChat said would effectively ban the apps from being used in the United States. Courts blocked those orders that did not take effect.

The new decision is considered a new change in the policy of the United States of America under President Joe Biden towards China and Chinese interests, after years of trade war between the two countries, which was started by former President Donald Trump.