British James Howells wasting millions of bitcoins!

Briton James Howells, whose hard drive containing 7,500 bitcoins was destroyed 8 years ago, is seeking help from NASA to find his bitcoins, which are currently worth $357 million.

8 years ago, British citizen James Howells, an IT specialist, dumped the hard drive containing the keys to his wallet containing 7,500 bitcoins. Howells wants his hard drive back and enlists NASA’s help in searching the landfill.

More than 350 million current values of the disc

While the value of Bitcoin was about 665,000 dollars at the time of the hard drive, its current value is 357 million and 500 thousand dollars.

A prize will be given to whoever finds my James Howells hard disk

Howells tried to get permission to start a hard drive search for 8 years but couldn’t get it. The litter box where the hard drive was discarded is the size of a football field, and a reward of $1 million and $330,000 is being offered to anyone who helps find the hard drive.

At the beginning of 2021, the local government banned the search for trash. Howells seeks help from NASA experts.

NASA experts were able to recover data from the distant shuttle Columbia, which crashed in 2003.