Buy an iPhone or any phone and receive it in less than 30 minutes

Buy a phone through online stores and receive it quickly

With all this pandemic, ordering things online has become very common. It is a fairly safe way to get food and other necessary products without the risk of developing an epidemic or infecting others. But even before the pandemic, ordering things online was normal for many people for reasons of convenience.

Now that the epidemic has been moderately controlled thanks to the fact that a large portion of the population is being vaccinated, people are also continuing to order things online instead of going out looking for them as it has become a habit. And we’re no longer just talking about ordering food, we’re also talking about non-essential things like headphones or a fancy mobile phone.

However, shipping expensive devices usually takes at least a day or two, as it’s not as urgent as those for food…or is it? In Germany, a new company appeared called Arive, dedicated exclusively to fast delivery of high-quality products. Do you want an iPhone? Within 30 minutes they can take it to you as if it were a McDonald’s hamburger.

Arive is a food service like Uber Eats, but instead of bringing food to your home in less than 30 minutes, it provides you with quality products like an iPhone. And we’re not just talking about technology. Arive can make fast deliveries of any premium product you can imagine: cosmetics, home appliances, fashion and personal care, and more…

Delivery is reportedly done by bike and takes between 15 and 30 minutes. It’s just as fast as McDonald’s! To put you in context, the free shipping offered by phone manufacturers always takes at least two days. This is at best. Samsung, for example, takes up to a week to ship your purchased device to you.

It is worth noting that Arive, which is just a start-up company that started its operations in Munich. However, it has already managed to raise 6 million euros in seed funding to expand delivery services to Berlin, Frankfurt and Hamburg. And if all goes well in Germany, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Arive soon in other countries.

Now, it remains to be seen if there is really a broad market of people who need these types of services. While we don’t yet know the exact price of Arive’s shipments, they are certainly pricey given the speed and uniqueness of the service. So very few people will be able to afford it.