Chinese company just launched a mobile phone with a 13,200 mAh battery

Despite the fact that current smartphones have a better design, higher quality imaging sensors and exemplary performance, the fact is that the battery is still one of the aspects that needs to be improved.

It is true that there are exceptions. Smartphones whose battery lasts for two days of continuous use but the normal thing is that the mobile phone must be charged every night. Then there are companies that want to grab attention and put a 13,200 mAh battery in their phones, but of course at the cost of turning them into real bricks. Example? The new phone from the Chinese company Ulefone.

Ulefone was once one of the most popular Chinese companies. The point is that other companies like Xiaomi or Realme recently arrived with better phones and prices in the market, and these kinds of brands have been forgotten.

Now as we read on Gizmochina, Ulefone is back in the news with the recent launch of Power Armor 13, a phone that attracts attention for its massive 13,200mAh battery.

The phone has a 6.81-inch Full HD display, a MediaTek Helio G95 processor, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, and four rear cameras. 48MP main sensor, 8MP wide angle, 2MP camera, and another 2MP secondary camera. All for a discounted price starting at $299.

But it is clear that a battery of this amount B makes the phone excessively large and large. With dimensions of 183.70 x 85.38 x 20.80 mm, the truth is that it is not a phone for all pockets (not for money but for size).

However, those who are looking for a resistant phone with a huge battery will find in Power Armor 13 a great ally.