How to avoid being caught by fraudsters when fixing your computer?


Get rid of scams when you fix your computer

Computers are hard to fix, and are used by fraudsters who in reality do almost nothing, but take so much money that buying a new machine becomes faster and easier. How to protect yourself from plagiarism and what to do if you come across fraudsters who want a lot of money and you don’t want to pay extra money to the fraudsters.

Usually false teachers search for victims in Avito and Yulia or post ads at entrances and poles and stop in hopes of catching those who don’t even have the internet. They attract free home visits and free diagnostics. They usually don’t take stationary computers and other large equipment, but they fix them right away, and they can take laptops, screens, and other small things.

The goal of an unscrupulous master is to repair the device as cheaply as possible and to charge the cost of repairs many times more than in a normal workshop.

For example, if your laptop gets hot and turns off after a few minutes of work, it might just need to be opened and cleaned from dust (which you can do on your own in a few minutes), but you’d be convinced it has processor and video card issues, and it won’t You can replace them separately, you need to install a new motherboard, which costs half the price of your laptop. If they find a problem with the screen cable, then instead of advising you to buy a new cable for two hundred rubles, you will be told about a broken array or interface board that costs 5 or 10 thousand.

If you have only one problem, then a cunning processor will find more on your computer that you did not even know, and will try to upgrade you to additional services: BIOS setup, clean hard drive of unnecessary files, optimize the operating system, install Windows updates, anti-software Virus and other software, antivirus database update, hard disk sector scanning, file scanning for errors, internet speed up. For him, all this is money out of thin air, he will not do anything useful.

The list of services provided may be overrated. Even if the computer is repaired, the old components will be installed in it, and the components that were taken out or placed in other devices will be resold. Sometimes failed processors and video cards are simply heated with a hair dryer, as they function normally for some time, and the work of the services provided may indicate their replacement with new ones brought on demand. It also happens that when you receive the goods, you are told one price for the repair, and after you come to receive the repaired item, they give a receipt for a completely different amount, many times more than the amount declared.

Some “workshops” do not fix anything, but act as middlemen: they accept equipment, refer it to real masters, take it back, end up with several thousand rubles above and ask customers many times more than the actual cost of the service. An ignorant person is not difficult to deceive, and a psychological trick will be applied to those who are guided by prices for components and repair services – they will refuse to return equipment until they pay.

If the goods are refused to return, contact the police and write a statement about the theft. Your property belongs to you alone and no one has the right to keep it against your will. You can offer to shop for money from you for repairs in court. In this case, she will have to prove the amount of losses, but keep in mind that if on her part everything is officially done correctly, she will most likely lose, and you will not only have to pay the required amount, but also pay the company’s expenses to the attorney.

How not to run into the fake masters? Try to find a workshop that has been operating for several years and is well established. Ask friends where they are fixing the equipment and where they recommend going. If a company has been operating lately and nothing is known about it, try it to fix some trivial things and see how it behaves – if you try to cheat, you lose very little, but you will understand that it is better not to go there.

Before repairing, have a technician keep all components to be replaced with new ones and return them to you. It may not be useful to you as you dispose of it, but this way you will protect other customers from installing low-quality parts, and maybe some of them will protect you.

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