ContentCory virtual calendar for smart and profitable publishing

Good and organized planning helps in increasing the efficiency of completing tasks and raising their productivity, and time management is an important step to achieve some of the work that you planned to complete on time, time management aims not only to complete tasks, but also to prioritize them and make you Aware of the tasks that need to be completed on the specified dates.

Planning is a very important factor in any field you run and social networking is one of them. If you have a brand or product that you want to market on social networks, it is best to have a proper layout for each of the posts you are going to publish. There are now many social media networks and each of them needs its own program for publishing, and because publishing articles in the routine way in each platform takes a lot of time, and in some cases it may not be published due to lack of time, today we will share with you a very easy way to do This will guarantee you excellent results in simple steps. This service is provided by the ContentCory tool and it is a calendar in which you can plan each of the posts that you will publish on all social networks on schedule.

The tool will enable you to upload draft posts that you will create on upcoming dates and configure it to send you alerts when it is due, this way you will be able to create your monthly or weekly planning and receive notifications only on the day when it is time to post.

The ContentCory service is completely free and is not worth paying if you are using a personal plan where you can only manage one calendar account, and to start using it you sign up with your email

Through the calendar window, you can double-click on the selected date, and in the pop-up window you can enter the information related to your post, including the date of publication, descriptive text, image or video to be published, then the hashtag to be added and the social network in which it will be published

The tool is very important if you want to organize your work on social networks. When the specified date comes, the site will send you alerts so that you can publish within that period, and the best thing is that everything is ready and all that remains is to click to publish your posts, and the service also allows you to invite interested people to share your work via the Invite feature and you can also leave written notes to alert the rules to be respected and others.