Delete these apps because they are very dangerous

The malicious program that maddened the world and did not find a solution for it returns again.

Unfortunately for Android users, we have to talk again about Joker virus, the dangerous malware that has once again succeeded in infiltrating Google Play through various malicious apps with the aim of infecting victims’ devices.

It was the Belgian police themselves who reported this threat after a warning from cybersecurity firm Quick Heal Security Labs.

Those who don’t remember it, or who aren’t very familiar with Joker, should know that it is a dangerous Trojan that, once in the system – after installing an infected application – can take control of the device and access your data or perform actions without the explicit permission of the user.

Joker is not only able to steal data from our devices by having advanced privileges. It even has the ability to subscribe by phone number to premium services that carry a significant cost to the user.

On this occasion, many infected applications detected are related to sending messages. On the other hand, others pretend as tools or apps for customization.

The complete list of eight dangerous apps discovered on Google Play that you should remove immediately is as follows:

  1. Auxiliary Message
  2. Element Scanner
  3. Fast Magic SMS
  4. Free CamScanner
  5. Go Messages
  6. Super Message
  7. Super SMS
  8. Travel Wallpapers

Even though the apps have already been removed from the Google Play Store, it is extremely important that everyone who still has any of them on their phones go ahead and uninstall them immediately. According to data shared by cybersecurity experts at Quick Heal Security Labs, thousands of people have installed at least one of the mentioned apps on their devices.