Delivery service company FedEx begins testing self-driving vehicles

In the field of delivery services, new self-driving vehicles have become the future, and we heard about a lot of tests earlier on this topic, and FedEx Delivery Company, in turn, began testing this type of vehicle in partnership with a specialized company.

Reuters reported that FedEx and robotics company Nuro signed on Tuesday a multi-year agreement to test autonomous vehicles in the parcel delivery company’s network, starting with a pilot program in Houston in the United States of America, as the partnership comes as parcel companies race to reduce the cost of last mile delivery, which has increased during the COVID-19 epidemic in the recent period.

Cosimo Leibold, Nuro’s head of partnerships, told Reuters the two companies would target delivery scenarios where Nuro’s low-speed, unmanned vehicle could make “as much money as possible.” This will likely include inefficient tasks such as late-night pickups in remote locations, said Rebecca Young, FedEx vice president for advanced technology and innovation.

“Instead of sending a driver to get these packages, a device like Nuro could be very useful,” said Rebecca Young, adding that the agreement between Nuro and FedEx is “a very serious and long-term commitment.”