“Disguising” the Internet as a citizen of another country

What is meant by “disguising” on the Internet as a citizen of another country.

First, the word denial denotes hiding my information on the Internet, such as hiding my browsing history, hiding ip and hiding my geographic location.

With the progress in the development of operating systems and programs, people have become able to change their geographical location in the countries or places in which they want to appear in order to save their personal information and prevent being tracked, and these methods are used by the hacker in order to shade their sites so that the government does not monitor them and the police arrest them


Some ways “Disguising” as a citizen of another country.

In order to Disguising online we need these things:

  1. Virtual machine to simulate computers. It allows you to easily create / copy / delete systems directly on your computer. For these purposes, you can use a separate laptop / PC, but in no case should you use your main operating system.
  2. Windows operating system in English (Seven is the best). Anyone would do, for example, from torrents.
  3. English language layout (others are not desirable).
  4. DNS servers often degrade your true location, bypassing all your efforts to hide it. It is worth using DNS servers that do not keep logs. Internet speed will decrease, but security will increase.
  5. Browser with English translation. Here, as an option, use Tor in English.

Before every Internet access:

  1. Change your IP address with a VPN or proxy. It’s nice to have one of your own.
  2. The time in the country you want to connect to the Internet from. For example, we are interested in Berlin. We google the time in Berlin and display it in our car.
  3. We clean cookies and cache before every browser exit.

Option for the most dangerous paranoid:

  1. We buy a modem from the grandmother near the metro, we just sit through it.
  2. We carry out all the procedures mentioned above.
  3. We buy a remote work machine (dedicated server), connect to it and work with it.
  4. After the Internet access “session” ends, we demolish our virtual machine and create a new machine before the next login. It takes a long time, but then it will log out of the new OS every time. You can even switch operating systems themselves, to be sure.

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