Do not pay the ransom if your files are encrypted with ransomware

In an age when viruses spread through computers, the most common threat to the world seems to be: ransomware. It’s when you open your device in the morning to find all your files in a different format, and when you try to login you can’t, only to find out later that they are encrypted.

Mostly, ransom viruses are integrated into games and illegal programs, and when they are installed, a program will be installed that encrypts files and deletes the encryption code each time, in addition to leaving a message in front of all encrypted files asking you to pay the ransom immediately.

When you are asked to pay the ransom, you will often find them pointing to a wallet on Bitcoin and this is in order for the ransom holder to protect himself from legal penalties, given that digital currencies are traded with a relatively anonymous identity, however an email may be left to communicate with them if the ransom is paid, However, you should know why the ransom should not be paid, and what happens next.

Why should the ransom not be paid?

At first, this is not a personal opinion, but is based on reports prepared by information security experts, and these reports indicate that paying the ransom makes you financially appoint its owner in order to develop it more and more in a way that is difficult to decrypt.

For those of you who don’t know, online security companies have different tools to combat ransomware, and they are offered when the ransom owner is caught, when he delivers a decryption tool, or for other cases.

With the development of this type of virus it has become difficult to detect, and perhaps making a file decryption tool is impossible in itself.

According to experts, the ransom should not be paid, if hackers find that the ransom virus is not working, they will not continue to develop and expand it.

What happens when the ransom is paid?

Although this is disappointing, but according to statistics, only a small percentage of those who pay the ransom are able to recover their files. No matter how much you pay, you will most likely end up losing money without getting the files back because you are already dealing with scammers.

On the other hand, the amounts demanded by the hackers are very large, so if you pay you will help them to continue their activity, and they certainly will not give you the time to provide the decryption tool that they promised you, just because they are untrustworthy scammers.