Advanced Download Manager Pro 12.6.7 (Full) Apk + Mod

Advanced Download Manager Pro 12.6.9 Apk + Mod for Android

Advanced Download Manage Full , I haven’t shared an app for a long time, I would like to introduce Amp app, which is a download manager developed for android platform which I think will benefit you in line with requests from the site.

It is intended to catch download links that are compatible with them and automatically download them in the most efficient way, and it is faster than regular downloads as it is downloaded by dividing it into parts like Internet Download Manager.

I already participated on our site, increased the updates it supports and made slight adjustments, so I share the latest version v4.1.4 as a PRO and you can download your files without any restrictions. Amp is 4.89TL in the Play Store.

  1. Download from the Internet up to three files at one time.
  2. Speed up download using the multi-processing feature (9 parts).
  3. Download files in the background and resume after failure.
  4. Intercept links from the browser and clipboard.
  5. Enhanced algorithms to increase download speed.
  6. Loader of photos, documents, archives and programs.
  7. Social network download accelerator.
  8. Faster downloading for 2G, 3G, and 4G networks.
  9. Download online only via Wi-Fi.
  10. Support to resume interrupted downloads.
  11. Video download and music download.
  12. Speed up download from file sharing.
  13. Parallel download files in the queue.

Advanced Settings:

Interface customization and themes;
Select the folder for the downloaded files;
Keeping different file types in different folders;
Automatic actions after full download;
Create an empty file to speed up the download;
Automatic downloads if the battery level is low;
Automatic resumption after errors and disconnection;
Import links list from text file to SD card;
Backup list of downloads and settings in the file;
Planning to start downloading at the right time;
Turbo mode to speed up download;
Auto play on schedule;
Support for fast automatic download.

Clean Download Manager interface:

Material design, left menu with quick options;
Information from the download: speed, size and time;
Sort downloads by type, order, size and name;
Context menu to easily manage downloads;
Open completed downloads with favorite applications;
Support pause, resume, restart playback for download;
Fine tuning of each download;
Create website profiles;
Widget on the home screen.

Download Manager extended notifications:

Icon with progress and speed in the notification panel;
Transparent progress bar over all windows;
Notice of completion with sound and vibration.
ADM Fast Browser:
Support multiple tabs;
History and bookmarks list.
Download mp3 from popular archives.
Intercept MP4 video from the tubes;
Easy download of all types of files;
The “User-Agent” option to forge the browser.
Simple control over the downloads list:
Click download to start / stop the process;
Click on the completed download to open the file;
Click and hold the download to display the context menu.

Add a file in Advanced Download Manager:

Click on the link and from the “complete action using” window, select ADM Editor;
Long press on a link to display the context menu, press “Share” or “Submit” and from the “Share Via” window select the ADM Editor;
Copy the link, after intercepting the program from the clipboard and send it in the ADM editor, or use the “Add” button and paste the link.
Advanced Download Manager is the best download program for Android!
ADM does not support YouTube as per Google rules.

New in the interface:

  • Updated interface and widget.

Mod features:

Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load
Encrypted all resources
Languages: En, Ru

what’s new:

Can change the accent color: Settings – Interface – Accent

Download links

the official

Google Play

Download Advanced Download Manager Pro v12.6.7 APK (41MB)


the average

Download Advanced Download Manager Pro Mod v12.4.1 (Arm/12MB)


Download Advanced Download Manager Pro Mod v12.4.1 (Arm64/11MB)


Download Advanced Download Manager Pro Mod v12.4.1 (X86/11MB)