IDM+ Fastest download manager 15.2 Apk + MOD (Full) Android

IDM+ Fastest download manager 15.2 Apk + Mod Android

The fastest download manager available on Android. IDM is 500% faster than normal download and it is similar to Advanced Download Manager Pro.


IDM+ Paid Version:

  1. Without ads
  2. Dark and light appearances
  3. Direct download to SD card (should work on Android 4.5 as well)
  4. Pause and resume feature with the supported links
  5. Pause all / start all / remove all options to save time
  6. Unlimited retry support with custom delay
  7. The download does not stop if the application is closed
  8. WIFI download support only
  9. Smart error handling so as not to lose any data
  10. Scheduled downloads to schedule your downloads
  11. Import download links from a text file
  12. Export download links
  13. Import the download link from the clipboard
  14. Open / share downloaded files
  15. Extended notifications with download progress (combined as well as individual)
  16. Supports vibration and notification sound when the download is complete
  17. Supports all formats: archive files, music, videos, documents, programs and more
  18. Support for many web browsers, including: default Android browser, Chrome, Firefox etc.
  19. Sort files by name, size, date, and categorize them by types and time


  1. Up to 5 simultaneous downloads
  2. Multi-part download – up to 16 simultaneous parts per download
  3. Proxy support (with or without authentication)
  4. Speed limiter to limit download speed (global as well as individual)
  5. Update expired links (directly or using an inbuilt browser)
  6. Download password-protected files
  7. MD5 checksum calculation


  1. Built-in web browser with support for multiple tabs, history and bookmarks
  2. Incognito mode
  3. Download by automatically capturing MUSIC / VIDEO links from your favorite websites

Please note that downloading from YOUTUBE is not supported due to their terms of service

Access permissions needed by the program:

  • Network connection (Internet access) is for file download
  • Storage (modify or delete the contents of a USB storage) is intended to store the downloaded data
  • Vibration Control: Create a vibrate effect for the necessary notification
  • Alarm clock to stop the device from entering sleep mode while downloading

Disclaimer: Downloading and viewing any copyrighted file is prohibited and regulated by the laws of the country in which you live. We are not responsible for any abuse of our application.

About the program

Fastest download manager is the most advanced and fastest download management application on Android. Moreover, with the support of Torrent Downloader, you can easily complete your works and want them. This app is also available on Android. It not only helps you to download files at 100% speed, but the download speed also reaches 500% faster than usual. Not only that, if there are no downloads currently, but this app also will not run background services. Plus, with the smart download option, the battery life will be greatly increased. IDM will be your “best friend” and will help you manage and support you a lot.

What can IDM do?

IDM is the best download and fast app with all the features you find. This is a great and luxurious supporter for those who are not patient enough to wait for the download. You don’t need to get angry with any paused files and you can download your favorite videos and music in a few seconds. Your mission is to install, setup the app and join the perfect world of IDM: Music, Video, Torrent Downloader. Moreover, the app also has other cool functions that will catch your eyes.

Easy access and stylish theme

Some download apps may bring difficulties to use for users. But with IDM, users can enjoy the app with a friendly interface and a stylish theme. The tools in this app are designed and arranged logically and easy to use. You can also choose between a black and white theme. It will bring a pleasant feeling and great experience to the users.

Save time by choosing to pause all / start all / remove all

No one wants to wait a long time to download something because this will make his enthusiasm end and may affect a lot in their business. So, as if the app knows it, it gives you an option to choose “all” instead of clicking on each file. Pause each button when you want to keep these files on hold. Start all button when you want to start downloading multiple files at the same time. Remove all buttons when you want to stop downloading them.

Download directly to the SD card

If you don’t want to keep these files on the phone and just want to move them to the SD card, then this app will help you. Not only does it download the file to your phone, it gives you an option to specify where you want to store these files. So, there is nothing right from downloading your files directly to the SD card.

Smart error handling so as not to lose any data

The worst thing that may appear when trying to download an app is that when you close it, your data is deleted instantly. But with IDM, this is impossible because it will still keep your data and protect it in safe mode. So, you can do whatever you want, even close the app. All other things allow IDM to do this.

Supports all formats in all web browsers

It is true that IDM does not get bored with everything. Downloading everything can support you including music, files, videos, programs, documents, etc. Moreover, you can also download these things in any of your web browsers, including Chrome, default Android browser, Firefox etc. It’s a great app and “easy to adapt”.

Sort files by name, size, and date and sort them by types and time

This is the best and most interesting thing about IDM. Every time you download documents, videos, or music, you may feel very bored to arrange and sort them. But once you use this app, this problem will disappear. It will help you sort all the things you just downloaded by name, date and sizes. Moreover, it can also be classified by time and types.

Easily import and export download links

With other applications, import and export links seem very difficult. But with IDM, everything becomes easier, you can import your links from the clipboard, or import them into a text file without problems. Moreover, you can easily export download links to any location you want.

idm advanced features

Once you get an advanced account, you can enjoy up to five simultaneous downloads. If you want to download multiple parts, this feature will allow you to have 32 simultaneous parts per download. Moreover, Advanced IDM also supports proxies and many browsing forms. You can also specify the download speed.

Thanks to MD5 account checksum support, you can easily update expired links. And when you enjoy music, files or videos from any websites, these advanced features can also automatically capture and download links. Not only that, with password-protected files, this advanced version also helps you to download.

About IDM+

If you want to install IDM, you must pay. So, if your budget does not allow you to do so, please feel free to download IDM from here on our website. You can not only enjoy the regular features of this app but also enjoy all the advanced features. This will support all of your business and interests. Don’t let your passion pause while waiting for the download.


With more than 4,5+ rates in the app store and many positive tips, there is no doubt to say that IDM is the best app to download now. Remember to download idm MOD for a full experience.


Added option to use a separate service to delete m3u8/mp-dash temp/part files [1DM Advanced Settings]
Added option to use file name returned from server when downloading images from browser
Added Force Check option for Torrents in download menu
Fixed Grabber issues
Fixed random padding issue in Browser Tab drawer
Fixed crash issue when 1DM Tiles are added before setting an action
Fixed Torrent IPFilter loading issue


Download links

the official

Google Play

Download IDM+ v15.0 ARM (18MB)


Download IDM+ v15.2 Arm64 (18MB)


Download IDM+ v15.2 x86 (18MB)