Infinite Painter FULL 6.4.5 PREMIUM Apk MOD (Unlocked) Android

Paint your dreams with Infinite Painter

Infinite Painter FULL 6.4.5 PREMIUM Unlocked Apk Android

Free Direct Download Infinite Painter Apk Android Latest Version from Box Tech website.

We are not a sketchbook.
We are not Photoshop.
We are not having children.
We are an infinite painter.
Infinite Painter is a powerful and popular drawing and design program for creating amazing artwork for the Android OS designed by Infinite Studio Mobile which is offered for free on Google Play with an in-app purchase.

We are like every time we decided with publishing the latest version that we know and that we put you a paid version!
Infinite Painter is designed for people who want to draw and create beautiful designs and even with a rating of 4.0 out of 5.0 it’s among the best! This software provides a variety of tools for you to easily draw on the page and add creative effects to the professional.

Variety of different fonts with multiple effects and sizes, a variety of colors, and a blank page for sketching features. This program along with its other features can make the best sketch drawing on your Android device.

A while ago, you should have bought the Infinite Painter program for $ 4.99 in Google Play, but now it is free with the expansion of the in-app purchase! Today we, Box Tech, decided to put the latest version for you, just click on the download link to download it at high speed and keep you busy for hours in drawing!

Some of the advantages of Infinite Painter:

  1. More than 100 different pens with different functions.
  2. The possibility of mixing and combining to create the most beautiful and desirable colors.
  3. The ability to save images and works in JPEG, PNG or PSD format.
  4. The ability to import images into the application from your gallery, your smartphone’s camera, and even the Internet.
  5. Delicately designed brushes to create natural and photorealistic images.
  6. It has a beautiful user interface and is optimized for touch screens.
  7. There are five drawing methods – normal, pen, rectangle, oval and line.
  8. Search millions of colors through
  9. Five types of symmetry – horizontal, vertical, angular, radial and colored strength.

Super Brushes – the most advanced paint engine on tablets:

  • 80+ natural preset brushes
  • Create new brushes
  • Easily change brush settings
  • The brushes interact realistically with the texture of the paper

Superior tools – a place for everything

  • Try four types of symmetry
  • Photoshop layers and blending
  • Create clean lines with guides: line, ellipse, pen, zombie, and protractor
  • Draw 3D cityscapes using five different perspective guides
  • Select and crop masks

Superior facade – everything in its place:

  • it is easy. It is structured. It is out of reach.
  • Structured Workflows:
    Painting – drawing, painting and blending
    Clone – convert image into painting
    Edit – to adjust color, bleed, style, crop, or add a filter
  • Move your favorite tools to the top bar for faster access

Advanced Options:

  • Convert multiple layers simultaneously
  • Transform Tool: Translate, Scale, Rotate, Reflect, Distort, and Skew
  • Create seamless patterns with the Emboss tool
  • Liquify Tool: Move, Bloat, Pinch, Swirl, Ripple
  • Gradient and fill pattern
  • Reference photos
  • Rotate flip on the fabric

import and export:

  • Import and export PSD layers
  • Add photos from gallery, camera, or web search
  • Export images in JPEG, PNG, PSD or ZIP format
  • Share with the Infinite Painter community, PEN.UP or Instagram
  • Search millions of colors, palettes, and patterns via ColourLovers

Artwork submitted by:

Konstantin Rutkevich
Pewter was
Diane Kay
Argue with you

Infinite Painter Logo 1

what’s new:


  1. -Fixes for Android 11
  2. -Improved brushes for pixel art (small canvases)
  3. -Critical bug fixes and improvements


  1. – Google Drive support (for project backups)
  2. – Adjustment layers
  3. – Improved tools menu
  4. – New spawning guide
  5. – 3 new transparency blending modes: Erase, Mask, and Outline
  6. – New brush settings
  7. – Color adjustment improvements

For more information on this update, please check the Release Notes section in our community at

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Download Infinite Painter 6.4.5 Apk (Arm/48MB)

Download Infinite Painter 6.4.5 Apk (Arm64/48MB)