KingRoot 5.4.0 Apk Android + Win App (Root All Android Devices)

KingRoot is a great tool for “lazy people” who only want root access but don’t want any third-party recovery to be updated in their cool devices. It is one of the most popular root tools in china, and now we release English version here for everyone, totally free and without AD.

KingRoot 5.4.0 Apk Android + Pc Client

The procedure for rooting your device is as simple as Towelroot. And if the app is entirely in Chinese, the only thing you have to do is press the blue button and wait. After a few seconds, the app will finish working and you will have a rooted device.

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It is important to know that KingRoot does not work with all types of devices. On the Moto G, for example, it usually gets some trouble. With Nexus, though, it usually works perfectly.

KingRoot is an excellent way to root your Android device. However, rooting is always a delicate process, so do it carefully and be aware of the risks involved.

Program Advantages:

  1. Guide all kinds of Android devices with just one touch of the page
  2. Routers without any risk or harm supports millions of smart devices
  3. The need for physical connections for routers devices
  4. Automatic identification of each Android phone model High security routine
  5. A preview of the vulnerabilities of the risks

Something interesting will happen when you root your device by KingRoot, the most suitable root strategy will be deployed from the cloud, which is why we have a higher success rate than some other tools. Specifically, the root success rate will be higher than 60% on the supported device.

How did Root work??

  1. Download the apk shown below
  2. Install it on your device.
  3. Turn it on, it’s over! KingRoot will do everything else for you.

Download links

Download KingRoot 5.4.0 Apk (11MB)