Learn about the Netwa program that enables you to spy on phones

Netwa MOD APK Full + (PREMIUM) Unlocked Android

The Play Store has a large number of hidden applications that provide you with awesome services and functions that you will not find in the regular applications that are routinely used by the users of the Play Store, but in most cases these applications remain similar to each other and provide services that are no different from other applications, But we may sometimes find applications that offer great functions that you have not previously found this service in previous applications, and one of these applications is the one I will share with you in today’s post.

This application provides you with a service to track the status of your friends in various social media applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, such as knowing the status of your friend and what time he spends while he is in the WhatsApp application, and to download this application, enter the following link: Netwa

After entering the site, choose the type of system that your phone is running on as in the picture

After downloading the application, install it on your computer, then open it, and immediately after that, you will be able to track the statuses of your friends by opening the application

And that’s exactly how you’ll be able to track your friends’ status using a new and unknown app and even without your friends knowing.