SHAREit Mod Apk 6.20.8_ww Apk Mod Connect & Transfer

SHAREit – Connect & Transfer Mod Apk the world’s fastest cross-system file transfer tool.

After introducing the zapya program welcomed by many of you, today we will introduce the popular SHAREit software released by lenovo for different operating systems

According to the developers, this program has the ability to transfer file types, even movies with very large packages in a short time between two phones or between a phone and a computer through a connection and wireless connection to the phone and send them at speeds of more than one megabyte.

ShareH allows you to transfer files from various devices such as phones, tablets, and computers. Using Darknet’s WIFI connections, the program can send files, images, videos, and applications from one device to another. When it works well it’s perfect, but when it does break down, there’s a good reason to try again.

SHAREit, HUA is a great cross-platform communication tool.

Chose more than 300 million users.
One of 10 finalists in the CES2015 Mobile Apps Showdown.

SHARE it is an Android file transfer tool downloaded on Google Play in India.


  • No network restrictions

Connect with friends without an external Wi-Fi or cellular data network. Share whenever and wherever!

  • Very high transfer speed

Best transfer speed up to 20M / s, which is 200 times faster than Bluetooth speed. Just forget about NFC, and use the awesome SHARE it!

  • Participation across platforms

Share across mobile phone, tablet (iPad), PC, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows XP / 7/8 platforms.

  • Move anything

You can share photos, videos, contacts, applications and everything in the SD card with your friends!

  • Simple is easy

Select contents → Connect with friends → Submission complete!

  • CLONE it (frequent phone)

You can easily transfer and backup contacts, call logs, SMS, MMS, applications, all kinds of files in the SD card and even system settings from your old phone to a new phone.

  • Connect the computer

With the ad-free SHARE it program, you can wirelessly connect to your computer and display mobile images on the computer screen!

  • PPT controller

Banner free ad-free PPT control can be downloaded directly. Presentation is no longer a problem!

  • Remote viewing

While connected to a computer, you can view any folder and file on the computer. Transfer photos? Play music? A piece of cake! Just click on it on your phone.
Remote View is a fast and easy tool to find computer files and folders from your phone. Find the document on your phone, view it, play it, or SHARE it 2020 directly from your phone.

  • Backup photos from phone to computer

Too many pictures in your phone? Do you want to back it up to your computer? Ads-free SHARE it helps you back up once and for all.
To save storage on your mobile phone, back up your photos to your computer using the program with just one click. You will never have to worry about deleting items to add storage space on your phone. By backing up photos from your phone to PC, it gives you more space on your phone to add more pictures

Wireless devices with the app can automatically find each other while you are in range. Transfer massive files and videos in seconds, up to 200 x faster than Bluetooth. SHARE it for PC allows sharing files with added security and privacy, files are saved directly to your devices, not in the cloud. Transfer your files between all Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad devices.

  • Powerpoint controller

No need to use a mouse or separate clicker when presenting PowerPoint. With the tool on your mobile phone, you can control PowerPoint slides on a personal computer or projector. Feel free to wander around the meeting room or classroom to interact with your audience when applying.

  • Plays for

Display content from your phone to your computer. Great for friends, gatherings, family reunions or your work environment.

  • From phone to phone

Click the cast button, choose the content you want to send, select the receiver and click Send! You will be connected to send files back and forth.

  • PC to PC

SHARE It’s great for computers to transfer computers too! Just choose your friend or colleague and start transferring content back and forth between devices.

What’s new in SHAREit v6.20.8_ww update

– Welcome to join the “co-build SHAREit” plan, together we can make SHAREit better~

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