Shizuku, a new app to grant root permissions to apps without rooting

Many years ago, rooting your Android device was great because it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Now, this is no longer the case thanks to the large number of tools out there to perform advanced functions on your Android device without having to root it. What most people know about is ADB, but there is also Shizuku, an app that allows you to grant advanced permissions to other apps on your Android device without rooting.

Previously, to grant admin privileges to apps on Android, you would necessarily need to root the device and use an advanced permission manager like SuperSU. Well, with Shizuku you can do the same with SuperSU, but without having to root your device. Are you interested in this app? Join us to get to know it more comprehensively.
What Shizuku does is allow regular applications to directly take advantage of the system APIs with ADB privileges

What Shizuku does is allow regular apps to take advantage of the system APIs directly with ADB/Root privileges. How? With a Java process started with app_process which does not require rooting the device. You can download Shizuku from the Google Play Store.

Once Shizuku is installed, you need to activate it on your device as follows:

  1. – Open the app.
  2. – Click View Command and copy the displayed command.
  3. – Next, use ADB from your computer to connect with your mobile phone and send the command you copied before.
  4. – That’s it! Thus, Shizuku will already be activated and ready to use.

The only problem with Shizuku is that it can only grant advanced permissions to compatible apps, which greatly limits its use. Here you can see a list of Shizuku compatible apps.

According to the creators of Shizuku, apps that want to be compatible only have to add a small amount of code to their source code. However, very few applications have joined this initiative.

How to use Shizuku to grant advanced permissions without root

If you already have a Shizuku-compatible app installed on your Android device, to give it advanced permissions, just do this:

  1. Open the Shizuku app, which you must have activated as we explained before.
  2. Click on Approved Apps.
  3. Activate the app you want to allow.
  4. Go back to the authorized app, and if it still says it’s not activated, look in its settings for the option to activate with Shizuku.

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