SubChan is a program for subtitling movies on your Windows computer

SubChan is a new free program for Windows with which you can download subtitles for movies and TV shows in any language you want by clicking the right mouse button. The program also supports the srt extension in the subtitle file, which is the most popular and works with various media player programs. It also supports many types of different video formats.

Add SubChan icon to the right mouse button menu to easily translate movies and TV shows after today

So, try to download the program from its official site

  1. Double click on the SubChan program icon and a window will appear in which you will click on Add to context menu to add the program to the right-click menu
  2. Go to any movie or TV show you have on your computer and right-click on it and then click SubChan
  3. A group of subtitles for the movie or TV show you want to translate will appear for you to choose from