Temple Run 2 MOD APK 1.90.0 (Unlimited Money)

Temple Run 2 Mod Apk is a 2011 endless video game developed and published by Raleigh-based Imangi Studios.

It was produced, designed and programmed by husband and wife team Keith Shepherd and Natalia Lucky nova, and with the art of Kirill Chan off.

The game was initially released for iOS devices, and later it was ported to Android and Windows Phone 8 systems.

Temple Run 2, the second version of the beautiful and exciting temple escape game from Imangi Studios, is designed for Android that has beautiful graphics and we offer it to all fans of adventure and excitement!

The game has brought in more than 500 million users from all over the world so far and it scored 4.3 out of 5.0 in Google Play! In this game, which took the place of and replaced the angry bird’s game, you must escape from the temple by jumping and running from the temple in the role of the protagonist and collecting points along the way to reach the next stages.

Playing in real world environments such as rocks, forests and mines, it brings you the ultimate excitement on your Android!

Control of the game is a swap so that you can jump by swiping higher; Swipe down and swipe left and right to turns and right pivots and swipe left to cross obstacles! If you like this style of game, don’t miss Temple Run 2, it’s worth a try!

The beautiful game Temple Run 2 despite its small size (less than 100 MB) has high graphics, and today the Arab network of applications has put you the latest version of the game with the modified versions and we hope you like it! In the official version, you have to collect coins with your fatigue to unlock the characters and features of the game, but in MOD, you can buy everything from the first time you open the game!

A sequel to the original game was released on January 17, 2013 for iOS, and January 24 for Android. As of June 2014, Temple Run and its sequel have been downloaded over a billion times.

With over a billion downloads, Temple Run has redefined mobile gaming. Now get all the more running, jumping, spinning and sliding you loved in Temple Run 2!

Navigate dangerous slopes, zip lines, mines and forests as you try to escape with the cursed Idol. How far can you run ?!


  1. Beautiful new graphics
  2. Wonderful new organic environments
  3. New obstacles
  4. More powerups
  5. More achievements
  6. Special powers for each character
  7. Big monkey !!!

Features Mod 1

  • 01.MOD money
  • 02. Open

Features Mod 2

  • 01. Unlimited Coins (2,123,456,789)
  • 02. Unlimited Stones (2,123,456,789)
  • 03. Fully upgrade all capabilities
  • 04. All Purchasable Characters and Outfits *
  • 05. All characters and track data included *
  • 06. Increase the coin doubling to 10 times
  • 07. The power meter fills up 10 times faster
  • 08. The distance traveled is 10 times faster
  • 09. Resurrection always costs 1 jewel
  • 10. Increase the duration of the magnet by 100 times
  • 11. Increase the supporting distance by 100 times
  • 12. Shield duration increased by 100 times
  • 13. Head start costs 100 times less
  • 14. Huge start-up costs 100 times less
  • 15. The minimum number of multiple points has been increased to 100
  • 16. The distance between the receiving items has decreased by 10 times
  • 17. The number of tokens for each box has increased to 100

What’s new

Celebrate Africa month with us! Burst into a land of vivid culture and history as the Temple Run 2 world takes on colors of the wonderful continent of Africa! But watch out, there’s more than just the Demon Monkey out to get you.
– Brave the many perils of blazing sands with 4 New Runners!

– Introducing 2 brand new Pets to give you company

– Collect the new Africa themed Artifact set

– New Global Challenges each week throughout the month

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Download APK Filr Original 2 v1.90.0 (112MB)

the average

Download APK File Mod v1.75.0 (108MB)

Download APK File Mod2 v1.55.1 (70MB)