Download Windows 11 full version with direct link (developers version)

Download Update Windows 11 iso 2021 Official

This page is for downloading Windows 11, the full version of Microsoft Windows 11, with special additions for Windows 10, downloading the new Windows 2021, windows 11 Download.

Welcome, visitors and followers of your guide to information, we present to you the Windows 11 ISO operating system from Microsoft after it was the last version of Windows 10, which has proven and quality with high accuracy and has been widely accepted in the world, as Windows 10 Microsoft was distinguished by users when it was characterized by ease of use and control

Now the new Windows 11 has been downloaded, an ISO version with a direct link, where it is now available to download a trial version of Windows 11 with a direct link with an explanation of the steps to install win 11.

Download Windows 11 iso file with a direct link (beta version leaked to developers) as Microsoft stated that the Windows 11 operating system will be announced on June 24 of this year, 2021. The new win 11 version is now available for download and installation on the computer. All you have to do is go to the direct link to download Windows 11 iso version at the bottom of the article.

Important note

Some people assured us that Windows 11 was installed directly on the computer without problems, but dear visitor, if you want to install the new Windows 11 on your computer, we strongly advise you to install the copy on the VMware fake program so that you can easily check Windows 11.

Features of the new Windows 11 from Microsoft:

windows 11 enables you to transfer files to the cloud with easy drag and drop.
Easy access to many settings such as (changing the font and color scheme, direct login to the desktop, changing the power settings).
In Windows 11, you can update the date and time automatically without user interaction.
Add some special tools such as search, which gives you easy access to all files.
windows 11 has amazing wallpapers and attractive design.
Replacing the well-known Internet Explorer browser with Microsoft Edge.
Ease of use in win 11 and lack of difficulty for beginners.

Recommended requirements for installing windows 11 Microsoft

These are the recommended specifications for installing the new version of Windows 11 on your computer:
RAM Storage: It must be 4 GB or more.
Processor: A quad-core 2GHz or faster processor is recommended.
Hard disk capacity: at least 18 GB.
3- Minimum (minimum specification) requirements to install Windows 11
Specifications required at least to download windows 11 Microsoft on the computer:
RAM Storage: At least 2 GB.
CPU: Dual core processor, frequency 1.4 GHz.
Hard disk capacity: at least 15 GB.

Download Windows 11 full version from Microsoft

Download the new Windows 11 for the year 2021 Download Windows 11 iso with a direct link so that now a trial version of Windows 11 is available for download, download the new Windows 11 ISO file 2021 from the following links 👇

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