Earning money with TikTok will be easier thanks to this new function

This is how TikTok Shoutouts was born, or what was like a Cameo clone that will allow anyone to order and pay for the personal videos of their favorite celebrities or creators, and who will also be able to set their own prices for this type of service within TikTok.

The process is very simple, as some media have shown us, as we can read that Shoutouts are already available in some select markets during launch tests, providing the ability for creators, once they reach a certain level of followers, to configure prices so that other users can request short videos dedicated to them They pay for it.

Apparently, this new service has so far been seen in Turkey and some Middle Eastern countries such as Dubai. In fact, when you click the Request button, a screen will appear showing the operation of Shoutouts, which begins with an advance payment to the creator, who will have up to 3 days to accept it and send the video to the follower within a week. Directly to the account’s mailbox on TikTok.

Obviously, there are things to be clarified in this new functionality of the TikTok app, such as the follower’s threshold to reach the service or the maximum, minimum and recommended prices for each video, although things will certainly become clearer in the near future as TikTok decides to expand the Shoutouts limits..
We’ll see when Shoutouts will reach more markets, which will allow additional money to be earned by creators.