eFootball 2022 is under attack after the first gameplay video was leaked!

eFootball 2022 is one of the most beautiful match games for smartphones

The last period witnessed the confirmation of the launch of eFootball 2022 in its first season on September 30, and while everyone is waiting to experience the title for the first time with the huge changes that the series has undergone in the past period, whether the development engine, changing the official name or launching it for free, the reactions came to the first video The gameplay is negative and does not bode well.

An 11-minute video of the upcoming Konami game was leaked, and soon the video, which was first published on the Chinese YouTube channel Great Game, was subjected to endless criticism, and the matter expanded after a few hours and included many negative comments on various social media sites.

The video shows Manchester United and Arsenal playing a friendly match, and criticisms included the special animation of the players’ tackles, the motion physics of the ball itself, the circular icon that surrounds the players on the pitch, and other things.

Given that the video is leaked, we do not know whether the match was recorded from the final version of the game or an early version of the development process, while players’ comments were negative, as some compared the appearance and performance of the game with PES 2014 released 7 years ago.

Some commentators talked about the fact that the game looks bad overall and is closer to smartphone games and is not a game intended for the main platforms, while some of the more reasonable comments suggested that the leaked presentation is for the previous generation version PS4 and Xbox One, and therefore the game cannot be judged until after Issuance and sufficient experience.

eFootball 2022 is under attack after the first gameplay video was leaked!