Facebook announces the launch of its news platform Bulletin

Facebook recently unveiled the new Facebook Bulletin platform, a news service that allows writers to publish articles for free and paid on the platform and then send them to subscribers’ inboxes, or share them via the social networking platform Facebook.

Facebook launches its news platform Bulletin

And Facebook says that among the most important features offered by the Facebook Bulletin service is that it will not take fees from writers when launching this new service, and that writers will retain full ownership of their work and the list of subscribers in their account, as Mark Zuckerberg announced during a live audio chat on the Facebook platform, Facebook Bulletin is “focused on empowering freelance writers, helping them reach new audiences and promoting their work.”

Facebook launched the service jointly with writers like Malcolm Gladwell, Tan France and Erin Andrews, among others, to cover a range of topics, from sports and finance to science and medicine. Content. “The goal here across the company is to support the millions of people who ultimately do creative work,” he said.

Sources say Facebook Bulletin is a direct answer to the growing popularity of Substack and other newsletter products. Substack is used by a number of major writers, including Glenn Greenwald and Anne Helen Petersen, and the company has been courting talent with guaranteed payments. Twitter also recently bought Revue, another newsletter platform, although it hasn’t done much to integrate it into the social network yet. Substack takes 10 percent off subscriptions, Revue takes 5 percent off.