Facebook is developing a smart watch to compete with Apple Watch

Smart watch technology tempts many companies that have already launched into this market. Samsung and Apple are among the technological companies that have taken the lead in this field through its Apple Watch, but Facebook is also coming to compete with a new smart watch, according to the latest reports.

The American website The Verge is the first specialized website to indicate that Facebook, a leading social networking company, is developing a new smart watch, and in particular it wants to compete with Apple and its smart watch, Apple Watch, but from the information currently available, this watch will be a distinctive innovation in every sense Meaning, The Verge says that the device will have a display with two cameras that can be detached from the wrist to take photos and videos that can be shared across the Facebook suite of apps, including the Instagram app.

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The site indicated that the camera on the front of the watch screen is primarily intended for making video calls, while a 1080p camera with autofocus on the back can be used to capture shots when separated from the stainless-steel frame on the wrist. Facebook is working with other companies to create accessories and accessories to attach the camera hub to things like backpacks, according to The Verge, citing people working on the project who requested anonymity.

The report also indicates that Facebook is working with the largest wireless carriers in the United States to support LTE connectivity in the new watch, which means that this new device will not need to be paired with a phone to work, and the watch is expected to be available in white, black and gold, and The website concludes. Verge indicated that the launch of the first version of the smart watch from Facebook will be in the summer of 2022 and the company is already working on the second and third generations for subsequent years.